Saturday, August 2, 2014

Impossible space and terrestrial drive seems possible article

It seems after all that Shawyer's theory about the existence of his EMdrive is true. , on this site, you could pretty much find anything you need to know about the EMdrive, the tests, the type of propulsion, how it works, and even theoretical explanation of the propulsion.

Back in May 2010, Roger had made the first successful test with his theoretical drive, which only looks like a cavity:

The system is pretty simple, it includes a Magnetron, which creates the Microwaves, a Cooling tanks and a Cavity.
In their first test the cavity was off the ground for some time, or until the Magnetron burnt off.

Later they added two H2O Cooling tanks, which helped the Magnetron run a little longer and they successfully managed to do a second test.

Emdrive Test .avi
Emdrive Test .wmv

Those are the videos of the successful test. Those can also be found on the website.

Benefits from the EMdrive .PDF

Roger's company also made a small PDF which contains all the explanations of the drive and the benefits.
If this drive lifts off, it will be the end of all the wings and wheels.

But also, back in July 2012, almost 2 years ago, a team of Chinese scientists and engineers managed to do their own replica of the the Emdrive. They actually had even more impressive results, which are 1000 times better than those which were analyzed by NASA.

What's even better is the fact that this came just in time for the Hoverboards in 2015.